Help in Testing TS Parameters

I have been trying to measure the TS parameters of my drivers for some time now. These are the problems:

1. Computer programmes like Audua give me gibberish. Audua's helpline said mine must be a slow computer (I use a Pentium 166).

2. Most suggested methods require precision resistors and dedicated AC millivoltmeter which are just unavailable where I live.

3. While test equipments are indispensable, are there ways of arriving at reasonably precise TS parameters by using off the shelf components and ordinary DMMs?

Please share your experience and expertise.
Check out The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickason. It has a chapter dedicated to measurements of speakers.

The measurements require at least a signalgenerator, a frequencycounter and an AC voltmeter for the simplest setup, though.

You could use your soundcard as a signalgenerator and hope that the actual output frequency is the same as you specified in the program. Then you would only need an AC voltmeter.

Good luck!