Help identify Motorola transistor

Hello I been going through some bags of parts and found this bag with approximately 200 transistors, all new, but what are they?
Its midsummer in the UK, raining and 16C (61F), no we don't have cooling, we hardly ever need it!! (a couple of weeks a year or so it might be uncomfortably hot, people go to the beach/river/lake). And irrigation? If we ever need it there will be water shortages anyway!

In general stuff is either mains or DC low voltage anyway - never seen 24Vac in the wild here. transformer?NCNI-5

And some apartment doorbells, vs ~16VAC. An interesting trick is to use (1n4002) diodes to double the control lines. I did this for a high-rise customer to add a separate door buzzer. I installed a gadget in my daughter's house that allows 3(+) functions on a single pair of existing wires, rather than trying to pull in a new cable. It uses diodes and a resistor at the thermostat and a decoder box in the furnace that break out heat, cool and fan to separate 24VAC circuits. Irrigation controllers and new thermostats uses small TRIACs to switch 24VAC. Note that TRIACs are driven with negative gate current, i.e. an NPN collector, because most TRIACs are 3 quadrant devices that do not work well with positive gate current.