Help identify capacitor brand

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Need help identifying the capacitor brand in the picture? Any opinions or experience with the capacitor would be super.

The project started off as just breaking down my tube amp so that I could get the case powder coated to a new color. Well like all projects one thought leads to another and I am considering updating a few of the capacitors since the amp is all broken down.

Thank you in advance for any input shared.


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The 47 uf 400v 1% will be unpurchaseable in quantity one. If the seal is deteriorated you would have to buy come commercial 47 uf. hope you get a low value one, then parallel 1 uf or so caps up to the correct value. If 47's you receive are too big you would have to buy 33 uf then inch in with 10 uf, 3.3 uf, 1 uf etc.
The .1 630 v one should be plastic film if built after ~1966, and should not be deteriorated by age.
Brand here is just a (poorly) silkscreened bit of paint on the outside , a distributor may order a lot of the-same-capacitor-everybody-else-uses , ask for any "fantasy brand" printed on ot and sell them as something "different/special".

FWIW, a well known generic cap brand is SanWa , made by Sam Hwa Korea ; its president is Kim Tae Hwa, I can easily imagine they used his slightly altered name : Kin Dak, as a special order brand, maybe implying better quality product.

Or maybe there actually is some small capacitor company, called Kin Dak, symbol 2 stylized angular "D" , turning out these.

The point is: do they work?
If so, don't mess with them.
You might junk a very good but unknown cap and place an average but "mojo loaded" one there.

Don't "fix" what's not broken.

By the way, what brand and model is your amp?

Is it Korean/Chinese made?
That alone could give a good indication as to what components might have been used.
In any case, it's just a label.
JMFahey - Thank you for the feedback.

The amp before I broke it down to get the chassis sent off for powder coating was working perfectly. So it will be with great optimism that once all soldered back up and mounted in the chassis that it fires up again.

So the amp I believe is Chinese made "Brand is GoldOx"

Not a lot of information on the internet, but there are a few posting, but no solid details that I could find. I believe the unit was assembled in 1994 "board inside shows 1994 on it", but I've only owned for that last 9 years. I picked the amp up at this small audio store, today the store front is gone "Taurus Audio". So glad I did because such great sound for the small dollars spent vs. the solid state equipment I had owned up until then.

Here is a picture of the amp "amp pic is borrowed because I forgot to take a picture of the outside before taking it apart"
from: Another Chinese Dynaco ST-70 clone from the 1990's - the Goldox ST-70

Here are a few more of my pictures of the inside that will help me reassemble the amp once I get the chassis back. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised how nicely all the wiring was ran. I'm sure the amp can get picked apart, but again the amp has played every speaker I've thrown at it very nicely. Even when I made the jump to a pair of Magnepan MMG.

I've since changed a few of the tubes it's all been positive improvements. Probably time to pick up some new EL34's

Again thank you for the feedback. I will probably leave the caps in unless somebody responds with solid a convincing pitch.


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I need also help identify 3 capacitor brand and series
One cap on board and blue and black . (Black gold this is KZ Nichicon)


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