Help identify a Vishay resistor

Monte McGuire

Paid Member
2013-07-28 2:58 am
That "KS24248L9" number looks like an AT&T internal part number, and those are pretty difficult to decode unless the bag they came in has additional information. I have seen no comprehensive list of modern AT&T parts on the 'net. A local surplus guy had a lot of AT&T surplus over the years, and I've tried hard to find a magic decoder, but no luck. If anyone has such a magic decoder, I'd be grateful!

Not sure if Vishay could help either - the AT&T spec might be looser than what Vishay delivered, so who knows what you actually have, The good part is that you can measure it, and maybe make a guess as to the tempco. The power rating will be pretty much the same as any other TO-220 resistor, possibly de-rated to enhance the specs.

At least it's not a random SO14 IC with a cryptic mark on it!! :)