Help ID this part / Need data sheet or specs


2008-05-06 9:53 pm
Hello, this is a thermal switch that is mounted on heatsink. I recognize the old Panasonic/Matsushita logo. This is out of a Proton D1200 Amplifier.
Does anyone have a data sheet or know the specifications on this part? Is it Normally open or normally closed. What degrees celcius is it rated. Voltage?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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From the schematic (see attached ) they would be normally closed since the switches from the two channels are in series, because you would want the amp to go into protection if either switch changed. They would both have to close if they were normally open for the amp to go into protection.
For the temperature I can only guess. The T110 would seem to suggest 110C which seems a little high. I'd suggest something lower like 85C. Voltage, because the chip is run from a 54V supply you would need a minimum of 60V but preferably 150 to 200V.


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