Help! Goodmans Magnum K2 Terminal Broken


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2015-12-15 3:12 am
I unscrewed the terminal too much and something fell off inside, and I don't know how to get at it! I can hear it rattling around in there. I took a knife to the edge on the back if you look in the pics but im afraid of damaging the cabinets by attempting to pry it improperly. I can see 4 indentations that look like screws around the terminals but they looked painted over or something, i dont think they can help. (top 2 visible in pic) What do i do here, take off the woofer, it seems to be screwed from the inside out. was so looking forward to hearing these, am a complete amateur but live in a small town without anywhere to go for speaker repair.


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If the back panel isn't removable, I see little option but to undo the nuts on the bass. When you replace, it you sometimes have to squeeze your hand in through the mid hole to hold the bolts in place when redoing the bass.

Or fit something called T-nuts to the cabinet. It must be possible to get in somehow, or you'd never be able to build or fix it. :scratch: