Help for Sansui Au -222 toggle switch wiring

Sansui Au -222 Switch Wiring Diagram
Hallo everybody,
for my restauration projekt i need a little help for fix my Sansui Au-222 psrting out amplifier.

I purchased a Sansui Au-222 parting out unit for restauration.
Meanwhile I got the lost three of the 5 toggle switches to complete the unit. Switch 4 and 6 (marked with rectangles in the attached sketch) are original parts of the unit.

Therefore I attache a drawing to illustrate the current situation.
The drawing shows the 6 poles on the backside of the toggle switches.If there is something wrong with the placement of the caps and resistors, please give me advice.

I´m a newby with problems to translate the connections of the schematic diagram to the physical connetion on each pole of the toggle switches. Especialy the pole connections of the shielded wires. So have mercy and give me and the amp a chance.

Many Thanks for your feedback

Best regards

I´m looking hardly for the original knobs for the Sansui Au-222.
Nothing to fond in the bay. Perhaps someone in the communitiy have some.Thanks!


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