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Long-time lurking first time posting. I started to get into Hi-fi about 2 years ago when I replaced a crazy old (and worn out) stereo with second hand LCR Kef cresta 1 (circa 2001), entry level Yamaha AVR (circa 2015) and a powered subwoofer (circa 2012). All products are entry level, but scored 8/10 or above in their ratings when they came out and to me sound a whole lot better than a comparably priced sound bar. Importantly, it sounds good enough that I want to sound better, and I’ve subsequently started a journey into the audiophile world. Started being the key word as my wife and I also recently had a baby, so while I do find some time to read and research (as a form of relaxing), I haven’t actually found the time (or money) to pull the trigger on any new gear (either of the shelf or for DIY).

Recently we had people over and one of my friends kids decided that the tweeter of my left Cresta 1 bookshelf should be pushed in. I am now wanting to find a way to replace it, if reasonably practical.

The specs for the broken speaker are as follows:

KEF Cresta 1

Two Way Bookshelf
25mm 1 inch silk dome tweeter
100mm 4 inch PP coated cone
50Hz – 20kHz
3kHz Crossover
8 ohm
6L internal capacity (.211 cubic foot)
11.6 (H) 6.7 (W) 7.4 (D) (Inch)

The tweeter is mounted in a 100mm (3.9 inch) wave guard. I have not yet explored if the tweeter and wave guard can be pulled apart.

So my question is:

1. How hard is it to replace a tweeter on an existing speaker. Is it simply a case of finding a speaker with similar specs (Type, size, impedance, sensitivity), and swapping out, or does it involve re-building the cross over and also replacing the woofer. I am planning a DIY sub build but this now takes precedent, and I through a good way to try out before undertaking a bigger project.

2. If is relatively simple, can anyone recommend a decent tweeter that will likely be suitable for my project? Maybe something from Dayton Audio. I’ve always found the speaker a little dark and recessed, so not opposed to a tweeter that it a bit brighter and more forward.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Thanks so much for your help. I noticed that the tweet has a different sensativity, will that matter ?YES Do I need to match sensativity, or impedance? BOTH
To clarify just a bit. With different sensitivity, you´ll have too much (or too little) treble compared to bass/mid.
With different impedance your crossover frequency will move, resulting in an overlap or gap between treble and bass/mid.
Go ask KEF. They might have an original. Saves you a lot of trouble/dissapointment.
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Thanks again for your help everyone. So I've contacted KEF and unfortunately am not able to get a replacement. Therefore I need to find a replacement tweet or ditch the speakers. They are old and I'm not looking at perfect, just something to get be by until I can buy / build a new pair.

Seems the choice is between Dayton Silk and Dayton Titanium. Silk appears to match in sensitivity almost perfectly. Would appreciate guidance on selection, especially which you think will sound the best with the existing speaker.

Dayton Audio DC28F-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeter
- impedance is matched at 8 ohm
- sensitivity looks to be close at 88dB speaker and 89dB tweet
- appears I can retro fit in existing case

Dayton Audio DC25T-8 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter
- impedance is matched at 8 ohm
- sensitivity is a bit high at 88dB speaker and 93dB tweet
- Power is a lower than speaker 70w speaker and 50w tweet
- appears I can retro fit in existing case

Morel MDT 29 1-1/8" Soft Dome Tweeter
- impedance is matched at 8 ohm
- sensativity looks to be close at 88dB speaker and 89dB tweet
- Might be a little bit too small to fit.
- A little bit pricey for an old pair of speakers
HaHa, I seem to recall I used to own a pair of KEF Cresta 1 speakers! :D

Strictly small kitchen or bedroom style. No worthwhile bass whatsoever, so not for the big room.

Kids always think the tweeter is a button, so press it. And crush it. :confused:

Actually tweeters are quite simple, this being a SEAS 19 TAF/G:


A magnet, a dome. Sometimes liquid ferrofluid damping.

SEAS of Foss in Norway have being doing this stuff for years. TWEETERS.

The fact is 100mm faceplates are hard to find. 94mm and 98mm and 104mm are easier.

In your shoes, which I guess are in the USA, I would try disembling the tweeter as Bromle suggests, and pushing it back into shape. Soft domes are quite flexible.
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