Help .. Driver board of Starsound 15K (similar 3S-tech of Zenon, DD, GZ10000, etc.)


2010-08-19 1:43 am
Hi of all..
I've already seen other similar topics but not something I am back ..
I replaced the 211 and IR21884 LM TL072 .. but the amp has problems to stand on ..
feels trigger the relay, green led on but, after on and off several times, sometimes no sound output ..:eek:
What do you think?

KA1381 replacing transistors with 2n6520 I improved but not disappeared defect ...
My question, the TL 072 is integrated really right? .. Because it seems to me after I made to feel even more noise ..:confused:

Sorry for my english :shy: and thank in advance:)...
Is there a C3200 transistor right off the 3S PCB, might even be 2 of them. If I remember, they are for the protection circuit.

I have had them leaky before, cause the amp sometimes to work, other times protect. Follow Pin 2 of the IRS21844's, they should all exit the board on pin 1 of the header, to these transistors, been awhile.

Do you have a schematic?


2010-08-19 1:43 am
Hi Tom! ..
Thank you for your help:)
I do not have the schematic unfortunately .. : ( and you?
I identified two C3200 seem ok .. now I have limited the problem leading the resistance to 25 ohms, so 360 LC heats less without going into protection, But if I leave in Q18 KA1381 matherboard without replacing (even if he is good) 2N6520 amplifier with lights for a moment and then shuts off with green LED onAscolta
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