Help! Diagnosing a problem

Hello everyone,

I just finished rewiring my amp with new wire. It uses a LM3886 x2 board for the left and right channel and an LM4780 paralleled for the subwoofer. Also replaced the LM3886 x2 board because I wasn't happy with my job before.

Before doing this, turning the subwoofer volume knob half way almost made the sub xmax so that it would sound like a motorcycle. Now I can't even get it that loud if I tried. Full volume now would be like 1/4volume before.

So I took some measurements. Somehow they don't seem right to me. But I'm not smart enough to know what they mean.

Between the Left + and the Right +, I measured 20kOhm.
Between the Left + and the Left -, I measured 38kOhm.
Between the Right + and the Right -, I measured 41kOhm.

First off, shouldn't Left + and Right + be open circuit?

But the amp works and the left and right channels sound very good (as does the sub; it's just quiet).

Any ideas?