Help! Audiolab 8000A

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Here it is. Let me know what the problem is.


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Thanks a lot, the problem is one side transistors burned. And until now also can't fix it, hope the schematic diagram will help me. I've refered to your schematic and found out it didn't match my Audiolab 8000A. My amp is the vey old model, it used 4 transistor per channel and yours schematic only using 2 output transistors per channel.
Just now I've checked every thing and found one transistor spoiled, I've changed it and it works. But when I connected it to my 'scope' , One channel signal can't go loud enough, when i turn the volume up, it will be protected. Don't know wheter I used wrong transistor or not.
fix an amplifeir

To fix any amp' - the power circuit - Don't conect to 220/110VAC . use double power supply with two Ampers VU and conect it to the big capasitors ( +,0,- )
Afer u finish to change the all damage semiconductors and parts.
turn on to +,- 15VDC and see if the current go up ( 1-2A )

If it is - U don't finish to find the all damage parts of the circuit !( maybe some resistor/s is/are open - u can't see it in u'r eyes - u have to check it by FLUKE or any multimeter) .So turn on to + ,- 45VDC.

If it isn't - check 0/0.1VDC on the mid lages of the white double resistors ( 0.22 ohm X 2 ) . If it is , conect the AUDILAB 8000A to the 220/110VAC - IT WILL BE WORKINK !

shorted audiolab

Hi matthewong, i have a broken audiolab 8000a the amp shorted due to the speaker wires touching, i got my amp when it first came out, it as got din sockets instead of phono's, i have got a schematic but it does not match mine, i see that you have got a early audiolab, did you manage to get a schmatic for it if so would it be possable for me to have a copy please, also if you had the same kind of problem as me and have fixed yours any tips would be greatly welcome thanks, i hope you can help in any way as this amp has been with me i long time and i have no desire to get antother one if this is fixable.

Thanks dave.
Audiolab 8000A old model

Hello folks,

I two have a original model 8000A in need of repair, it has the original AL8AN & AL8AP devices in the ops. Its the one with the DIN sockets.

I have replaced the devices in the right channel with BD 911/BD912's.
The left channel seems to be original.

Also the caps in the psu don't have a value on them, are they 10000uF caps?

I think the originals were semelab devices SM 2178? relabeled?

Has anyone else seen this?
Can anyone help with a schematic for this model?
Hello Friends,

Can someone help me?

I purchased an old Audiolab 8000A integrated amplifier (with DIN input/outputs).
It was manufactured by Cambridge Audio, for use in 220V.
I would like to use it in 115V.

It has a toroidal transformer with 3 wires input, and one of them (a brown wire) is disconnected. Then, only two wires are being used.
Do you have an idea if it can be used in 115V, and if this wire of the transformer is used with this option?

Does anybody here have a schematic diagram of this amplifier?

Thank you very much

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