Help appreciated!

Hi, wondered if somebody would be able to help me out with an audio issue I'm experiencing- never joined a forum before and not entirely sure i':confused:m posting in the right place but would be very appreciative if a I could get some help on this:)

I've just got some studio monitors as I produce electronic music as a hobby- I've bought an audio interface (lexicon alpha) and monitors sound great connected out of this however when i connect headphones to the audio interface they seem to distort at ridiculously low levels compared to my previous pc>hi fi setup.

setup now goes pc> lexicon alpha audio interface via usb> plug headphones into the headphone out.

I'm not sure why they're distorting at such low levels, If anyone could shed some light on this I'd be very thankful!



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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Welcome to diyAudio Chris :)

I think there could a couple of reasons for this but without knowing in detail what you are using its kind of a generic answer I'm afraid...

Firstly, what impedance headhones are these ? Typically they could be 'low' which covers 90% of models or they could be around 600 ohms. If the later, then that usually means they need considerable voltage drive to get them to decent levels, something many simple 'opamp' based headphone stages can not manage, or at least not manage running on low supply voltages.