Help about SHISHIDO Pre Phono

I found this complete Line Stage preamp + pre phono, from Nobu Shishido.

I would like to use the Pre Phono stage, cause actually i'm using a 6J5 SRPP Line stage.

Unfortunately, i've the line scheme only.

Anyone can help me about the PSU..?

May i use the phono stage only? I've to change something to do it?

Regards to all,



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Shishido or not it's hardly a revolutionary circuit. Still, it should work well enough.

I can see no issues connecting the phono output to a line amp of your choice. Obviously the gain of this phono is not very high so the line amp will have to make up for it.

Any low ripple PS providing 300V dc should be suitable. With minor resistor adjustments any supply exceedding 250v can be adapted.