Hello :)

der Papst

2010-09-24 10:40 am
I'm interested into audio and electronics since my first years of life. Later i started studying Telematik (which is a combination of electronics, informatics and communication technology) with focus on power electronics, which improved my electronics skill very much :)

My start into hifi-fanatism is a friend who is very interested into car-hifi. He showed me tools like winISD and a few weeks later, i designed my first speakers and i simply love them :)
47l cb subwoover with omnes audio 12.01
~8l br-speaker with tangband w4-655

Now i reached the 9th semester of my study and started doing a diploma project, which i'll present in a thread later.

By many hits on google, i recogniced the enourmos knowledge of this forum and i hope for nice support :)