I found this forum while searching for the net for UK 2sb649 and 2sd669 transistor suppliers (www.cricklewoodelectronics.com, btw. Very good service), and thought I'd get invloved.
I've been playing around with electronics for years and a mate of mine who used to run a business making hi-fi got me into building audio stuff.

A little bit about me and my hobby:

I design and etch my own PCB's, and I'm currently working on a FET amp design using BUZ901/906D output devices (I have 16 to use up) in a CFP configuration. It's been a little hard to purge it of parasitic oscillation, and I've learned a lot, but it's satisfying getting a workable product at the end.

I've got two truly ENORMOUS heat sinks from an old sony mixing desk, which I'm saving for a truly monsterous class-A design :)

I also make custom electronic stuff, which I sell on my ebay shop.

My views on audio are rather scientific. If it's not measurable, or has a basis in electrical engineering, I'm not interested. I don't hold much with directional cables, gold plated mains plugs etc. ;)

Equipment I use:

GW GPC-3030 lab supply. Dual 30V-3A
Farnell LFM4 Oscillator
HP 3468B bench mulitmeter
ISO-Tech ISR620 20MHz oscilloscope
Marconi TF2331 distortion factor meter
Custom dummy load
50W temp control soldering station etc.
Home made photo etching stuff

Most of which I got for free by being in the right place at the right time, or put together myself :)


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