Hello To All

Hello. My name is Al, and I'm new here. Looks like a great site with a lot of information. I'm sure I will enjoy this forum greatly, so thanks for being here.
A little history of myself: I am 41 years old, married, 3 children (13, 11, and 4), and live in Hope NJ. I owned a car stereo shop for 13 years before the market changed and had to close the doors. I was a member of Team Hertz that competed in Db Drab racing, and won the 2001 World Finals achieving 172.9 db with 2 MMATS 15" woofers. I was a Toyota and Mazda service manager for 5 years, and am currently studying Pharmacy.

Some of my hobbies are: Playing guitar, building go karts, playing drums, model rocketry, and bodybuilding.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting you all.
Welcome Al

I've notice you are into playing drums & guitar and car audio so instead of studying Pharmacy why not take electronics technical or engineering education? I also play guitar & drums (although beginner skills) and became in love with audio since 1983 (I have a sound reinforcement system for rent during the weekend) that is why I took electronics engineering during the late 80s. :cool:
Actually we are of the same age I'm 40 turning 41 this January 2011 married with 2 children (11 & 7).
so instead of studying Pharmacy why not take electronics technical or engineering education?

Better money and job security in the pharmacy field IMO. I spent 32 years in electronics and the best $$$ there are in management - and many of the jobs are being outsourced and moved overseas.

Welcome to diyAudio metalthrashinman!!! :D:D:D
Ha, just noticed that I typed db drab -- obviously I meant db draG!!:p

Nice to meet you guys. Yeah, pharmacy is where the $ is at right now for me. It is hard, but I will graduate in late December 2010 on the Dean's list. I will be able to jump right into a recession proof field that cannot be replaced by computers that pays good money and is transferable to anywhere in the world. My first love is electronics, but I am doubtful of the monetary rewards in these hard times.

Thanks for the welcome!