Hello music lovers!

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I`m first time here and feels good!My preferences are:single ended amps,chokes,dipole speakers,horns,blondes(ups!wrong forum)....my guru-s are:Mr.Nelson Pass,Mr.Allen Wright,Mr.Jean Hiraga....I have some expirience in DIY(10years),I`m not in the audio busyness,and I`d like to help beginners in these.OK?
Thanks Bernhard for your encouraging letter!To be honest I expected someone from Avantgarde horns heimat to have similar taste.Let me say again;I`m here to ask stupid questions to audio masters & legends,and dont hasitate you -the absolute beginners-to ask same.I`v been there and willing to help to avoid expencive mistakes I made....Now, I like to think of myself to have sensitive ears,especialy when it comes to loudspeakers,I made some louspk. projects and these part of gear interest me most.Whats yours preferences?:D
Thank you Mr.Computer Designer.I just bought this computer 30 days ago,struggling with it every day,and my respect to "computer people"is growing.I found so much informations on this site,that I spend hours "of line" reading it....really great.Anybody here had some expirience with parallel(shunt)regulator?
shunt regs


after having heard some crappy series-regged amps and after having heard only very good shunt-regged amps, the audiophile in me (yes, and the music lover, too :) ) does not consider anything but shunt-regs for himself. The engineer in me is happy about the fact that the shunt reg doesn't care where the disturbance is coming from and has a fancy suppression of load disturbances, it simply shunts the crap to ground. For which i happily pay for with my power plant bill :)

BTW, a shunt reg always is conducting an can be observed as being alive by having a LED in the shunt circuit. How do you observe if a series reg is alive and present? AFAIC, too stupid until now to figure out how to do it that simple.
OKok, a meter on the frontplatemeasuring the reg's output voltage the probably would do.

For the record: series regs can sound very good, just i did not yet come across one.

As far as sufficient self-confidence to ask the masters is concerned, well, no problems with that, asked Julian Bream about details concerning his interpretation of J.S.Bach's Ciaconna .... and he seemed quite pleased about my compliments :)


if we are talking about the Australian audio designer AllenWright, i feel proud to know him personally and he has many qualities but i doubt he knows what Perl is :) and he certainly does not know what LISP is. Just remember the hunted expression on his face when i showed him my source code :)
100%agreed with you concerning shunt regs,but best series reg I heard was CHOKE.I`m joking about choking, still waiting series reg to better good passive reg.My reference on this subject is Allen Wrigt`s "the tube preamp cookbook"mostly,and I really lacking more info,particulary for low voltage/high current shunt regs.In the same book mr.Wright talk about some"off the wall Texans",have you heard anything of them?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.