hello , me Jean Michel

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hello all ;

me new user to old french , me use old amplificator class A to 12ax7a & el84 for 2 chanel audio .

me connected to forum DiyAudio for research me diffcult to dead amplifcator :(

sorry , me language is limited for my year ( 45 ) .

i me looking use amplificator to el84 simple or push-pull amplificator .

PS: ma use old récéptor french to good el34 ;)

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Hi Jean Michel, There are many non-english speakers here. Every one understands that communictaion can be difficult. We are generally very understanding of people who have difficulty with English.

Some people post purely through google translate!!

Participating is actually a good way to improve your English skills. Please don't feel worried about seeming stupid. You have posted way more English than I could French!!

I've just put the above into google translate, it may give you a laugh :)

Salut Jean Michel, il ya beaucoup ne parlent pas anglais ici. Chacun comprend que communictaion peut être difficile. Nous sommes généralement très compréhension des personnes qui ont des difficultés avec l'anglais.

Certaines personnes affichent uniquement grâce à google traduction!

Participer est effectivement une bonne façon d'améliorer vos compétences en anglais. S'il vous plaît ne soyez pas inquiet d'avoir l'air stupide. Vous avez posté façon plus anglais que je pouvais français!

I'd say that the google translation is pretty accurate in transcripting what you ment to say, not taking into account grammar and other futile details...

Moderators, kindly tolerate my "foreign language" in the forum, I'll translate:

Jean-Michel, bienvenue sur le forum de DIYAudio, aucun honte à ne pas bien parler la langue du forum, beaucoup ne membres ne le font pas, ou pas mieux que toi.

Jean-Michel, welcome to the DIYAudio forum, there's no shame not to master the language used in the forum, many members don't or if the they do, not better than you.

Partage ta passion et poses tes questions et apportes des réponses quand tu peux.

Share your passion and ask your questions, answer the questions when you you can.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.