Hello, it's me.

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My name is Michael and I have spent some time searching this forum and have concluded that this a very productive group of people. Thanks for this great source of knowledge.

I am a DIYer to the max. I designed this chair, and am in process of designing an entertainment center (we had a flood). I like innovation and my next project brought me here to look around. More on my project coming in the loudspeaker forum. I am a creative woodworker and am currently learning about this addictive hobby. A lot to learn. I am obsessed with the optimization challenge of getting big sound from a small volume. Going to build some speakers that house subs and mains.

We had a flood that ruined the cabinets of my Paradigm Mini-Monitors. Going to salvage the components for my mains. Need to buy sub drivers for a bottom firing, possibly sealed, active design, stereo application. I own a HK avr75, and a Panasonic RP91. Picked up an NAD 208, and Behringer FD parametric EQ, and separate crossover for the sub task. My goal for the subs are 110 db bottom octave flat extension to 20HZ, from the listening position, and smooth integration with the paradigm components, which I really like. My driven philosophy is 50/50 HT-music. So I am going for spl/sq compromise.

With a little help and a proven recipe, I hope to get it right the first time.

I have made my own (simple) enclosures before, for home and car.

Thanks in advance for all the help I will ask for.



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Awesome chair!

Howdy and welcome.

I'm only fairly new here myself but you're right, it is an interesting group with a pretty diverse range of interests. I particularly like having all the solidstate guys here, especially Nelson Pass. I'm a bit of a tubehead and I find reading about different approaches stimulates me to think harder and examine my own prejudices. Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to build a couple of Tripaths and the Kevin Gilmore SS STAX 'phone amp. I'll put some tubes on the box so no one knows :D

Everyones generally nice here too, which is a change from lots of other forums.

Good luck with your projects, I'm sure you'll find lots of ideas and help here.

Oh, and that chair you built is really awesome. I'm very, very impressed. Pity you live so far away or I'd commission you to build me one. I look forward to seeing what else you can accomplish with your audio gear.


Most of what you said is over my head, that should change soon. The chair is custom fit. After stack laminating all the sections, time to get out the angle grinder and chain saw attachment. Have the wife sit in it for 10 minutes, eyes closed, then point to the area on her back she can still feel, dish it out some more. Fun. It loses 40% of it's weight in the whole process.

I expect to make speaker cabinets with this contour look. Not quite sure how yet.

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