Hello fron an English newbie!

Good morning, afternoon or evening,

Just a quick hello, I'm fairly new to Hi-Fi, and very new to modifying. I have very little experience of electronics in general but take a 'what the hell, I'll give it a try anyway attitude!'. (Play safe and practice on old kit first ;o)

So far I have succesfully modded a Technics SL-PG590 CD Player (worth all of about 50ukp), with an upgraded op-amp, no mute transistors and some capacitor work on the output stage, it's not a bad player at all. It's just about to be compared to a Cyrus 8 this afternoon though so I'm probably going to cry a lot, and then start saving!

I've also modded the amp (an old Denon PMA-250SE) with new potentiometers, an easy mod, not sure really but I think it sounds more controlled.

Just plugged in a pair of Spendor S3's and the whole thing sounds pretty good for a less than 400ukp Hi-fi (300 of which is the speakers!).

So I have the bug! I'm looking forward to sharing a few ideas, drop me a reply if anyone would like any info on modding the above equipment!


PS - Work in Progress....

Gainclones / chip amps
Seperate output stage for cd player (with psu)