Hello from Zurich


2015-02-10 10:00 pm
I have ben reading the forum quite a lot since more than 1 year now. Learned many things here and found lots of good advice.
During this time I managed to build two amps, the first one based on "The Musical Machine" in its firs version.
The second one was more complex is a phono stage, tone control and power amp. Power amp is based again in the original "Musical Machine" and phono and tone stages from the RCA30 manual with minor changes.
Following advices from the forum I got a second hand Dual 1019 turntable for 45 euros, after some cleaning and adjusting is working fine except the automatic that will need some aditional work.
This second amp is sounding surprisingly good and the hum is low at full volume . I need to think a bit more about the hum but is perfectly usable.

Well, just to say thank you every one here on the forum and of course all the schematics and pcb design are available for free.

Here some pictures.



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