Hello from Tennessee

Dear all,

I started to grow interest in DIY amplifier a month ago. Several years ago, I own some HiFi components (Musical Fidelity Class A amp, ProAc response 1S loudspeaker and Arcam CD-player) but I left them in Hong Kong after I relocated to TN, USA. I miss my HiFi system and now I just use computer to listen to music. I visited several Hi-End exhibition before and was so attracted to those expensive gears (that most of them I can't afford). Recently, I start to think, hey maybe I can build an decent amp myself with much lower cost.

Browsing and searching the internet, I gather many information. One of those is this forum and the other that appeal to me is the passlab. I really want, someday, I can built myself some Pass amp. This is probably just a dream though because I know nothing about electronic and, worst of all (maybe) I don't know how to do soldering. Thanks to Elliott's homepage about the beginner guide, they taught me a lot. I also bought the books from Sloan and they are good too. I'm now reading all this information. Frankly, I don't understand those circuity at all. I know it takes time, maybe I can understand some day.

Now, I tell myself I should get some practice on building something. I ordered an OPamp power amp kit from Taiwan as my first start and am preparing the necessary tools. I have bought a 25W weller soldering iron and a wire cutter. I think I also need:

1. a multimeter
2. solder

May I ask what kind or type of the above mentioned should I go for? And what other essential tools that I should have? If someday, I get confident to build some Pass gear, what should I go for as the first trial? (I'd love to build the Balanced line preamp).

Thank you all and all of your contributions to the diyaudio. God bless you!