Hello from Romania

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Welcome in EU to Romania (on monday). I hope you will make the best of it, despite the start-up problems.

I am proud to know many romanians, and have high respect for the Romanian people. This i could never have achieved, were it not because i have been so lucky to work with a Romanian for the last 5 years.

I have read in UK newspapers about the british governments fear of people from the new EU coutries flooding into UK, to enjoy free benefits. However i think this fear is really based on wrong assumptions.
I have travelled in Romania many times, and found the people, to be proud, honest, highly educated and hard working, with no wish to live on benefits. Of course there are good and bad people, in Romania, just like any country. But in my opinion, romanians have every reason to be proud of their country, and i think Romania, though still unknown by most people in EU, can be a good business development area in EU in the future, for mutual benefit. And not to speak of the great tourist destinations Romania has to offer.

So good luck Romania in EU, and a happy New Year!
hello Lars,

Sorry for my late answer, but I'm very busy lately.

Thanks for the good words about romania and romanian people. I think that what you said about us (romanian people) apply to many coutries but all it takes is to meet some people and visit them in their countries.

You are right about the business environment in romania. In the town I live we have a lot of international companies in electronics, telecomunications and automotive field of activities. Right now I'm working in the automotive field and ofcourse for a multinational company.

Maybe if you visit romania again and by mistake you'll be in Timisoara (my home town) we can meet to drink a beer.

Thanks again for the good words.
Hello cd-i

Thanks for the invitation, i will take you up on it, if i come to Romania anytime soon :) (I have never said no to a Silva).

I have visited electronics companies in many countries, but at this point i have to say one of the most professional is in Arad, Romania. These people have capabilities that danish companies can only dream of.
Unfortunately i don't know electronics companies in Timisoare, (Except Cores, who i used to do business with back in the old days) but maybe you will give me some contacts :)

Ozi Buna!
Just let me know where you are in Romania. Arad is just 60 km away from Timisoara. :)

About electronics companies here in Timisoara we have Siemens VDO, Alcatel, Solectron ... (all this companies are in the electronics field of activity) but ofcourse it depends what exactly are you looking for in the electronics area.

have a nice evening
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