Hello from Petaluma, California

Hello all,

It's a pleasure to finally make an account here, having lurked for many years. I was a musician first, then an audio engineer, a luthier, a film photographer, a teacher, a builder. I started dabbling in electronics troubleshooting and repair, having been first bit by the bug by an electronics kit in grade school, then getting into amateur radio, then building my own 86 PC very early on, and began troubleshooting and repairing my own bass/guitar amplifiers and pedals with the guidance of an experienced local tech. I got into instrument repair and building after that. I was a touring musician for many years in Kansas City and New York City. I started attending Burning Amp not long after I landed in the Bay Area in 2015. The crown jewel in my current listening system is a Pass Labs INT-60.

I am very much looking forward to BAF coming here to Petaluma this year and to all the future events and connections to come!

Here I am on the left with NY percussionist Annette Aguilar and frevo/forro legend Spok from Recife, at this year's California Brazil Camp in Cazadero, CA.

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Hey all, yes that is a 6 string bass made by Keith and Kyle Roscoe in Greensboro, North Carolina. I studied with bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Allan Holdsworth) for several years and I commissioned Keith to make me one with a very similar spec to Jimmy's (albeit right-handed and right-side-up).

@Andersonix , I am not bringing anything this year. I wasn't sure I would be able to attend but when I found out it was in my backyard, I HAD to make one day at least. I have a gig on Saturday so I am only going to able to attend Sunday.

@Nelson Pass, that's funny I've heard some folks call it that as well!
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