Hello from Ottawa

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Hello all.
I've been lurking here for probably a month or so and am amazed at the knowledge and helpfulness I've seen on this forum.
I have recently started to dabble in home audio now that I have the occasional free moment away from all the other responsibilities of life and am looking forward learning and enjoying a new hobby. I was into car audio in my younger years so I am no stranger to speakers and amplifiers, but am now finding that I much prefer the higher fidelity, cleaner sound of a good home setup, (I also need the room in the car for all the family baggage, not just the subwoofers). Anyway I have decided to start with an LM3886 kit from chipamp as my first DIY amplifier project, it seems like a very popular choice with a high probability of success, and am also repackaging an old Harmon Kardon computer speaker system as separate amplifier and TABAQ speaker enclosures for my daughters room to get my feet wet in this audio world.
Thank you for sharing all your knowledge on this site, I'll try to reciprocate where I can, hopefully at least with pictures of some of the projects I learned to complete with all your help.

Graham from Ottawa Canada
Hi all. I've been looking casually at this site for a little while and posted my first question a couple days ago. It's interesting to see so many people doing their own thing and by-passing the consumer market. All is not lost! I live in BC Canada in the mountains and access to electronic and speaker supplies is a bit spotty but I make do. I just finished building a pair of full range column speakers that I'm very pleased with and so on to the next project. Regards John in Rossland
As promised, here are a couple of pics of my latest project. I completed the Tabaq enclosures for my daughters room along with a matching amplifier box. The drivers and amp originally came from an old Harmon Kardon computer speaker set and now sound much better in their new home. My daughter is happy, my wife likes them and I got to use some power tools, a win win all around.:) Next audio item is to build my Chipamps LM3886 stereo amplifier, but first a solar pool heater, Have to keep the family happy.


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