hello from Ottawa


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2004-10-15 10:57 pm
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hi Tony!

Welcome to the forum, there are quite a few of us here in Ottawa!

You might want to take a look here:


or here:


or here:


We've all met up for a few lunches, and had one DIY mini show so far, and it's a really great group with a diverse range of interests and talents.

Take a look at the above links, and let us all know what you're working on, or what your interests are!

All the best,
Thanks for welcomes.:D

Hey Owen,
Thanks for the links:). I attended the last lunch, I came with Mark and Adam. Your right it is a great group of people. I couldn't believe some of the things the others have done. Some really nice equipment. Took a while to finally get on the site. I can't wait to meet up with the group again.