Hello from new guy in Kansas City, MO

Hello! First posting, just signed up this morning. I have been involved in DIY audio since I was a teenager (any maybe before, come to think of it), and specialize in fixing pre 80's Marantz electronics. But my current project is rehabbing the speaker cabinets of a recently aquired Barzilay console- something I have been looking for literally for years (I wanted a particular model and it needed to be local).

I found the speaker cabs filled with junk, except for the EV woofers. Someone had randomly wired in four drivers, misc crossover components,etc. I have taken it all out and obtained new grill cloth from Bob Crites (the cloth for Klipschorns) which should improve the appearance quite a bit. So the fun will be in deciding on the new components- no hurry, since I really dont need more speakers, but as long as I have these cabs.....well you know how it is!

Thanks for having me as a member here! I hope I can contribute at least as much as I take!! :D
Hi SSSmokin99 - and Welcome to diyAudio!!! :D:D:D

I was born in KC (don't believe the rumors you hear about me being there when it was a stopover for Conestoga wagons headed west) :rolleyes:

Granddad worked out at the TWA plant (when there was a TWA) but being a military brat I only lived in KC for about one year out of my many.

Good luck with your project - take photo's!! (Pleazzzzze)


2010-10-19 11:19 am
welcome, just to reiterate, you definitely had to repair pre 80s marantz amps and receivers. the company i was working at in the mid to late 70s sold elvis 2125 marantz receiver , it was in the shop more than not. output would burn out, took 30 days to get the replacement parts and authorization from them to fix it under warranty, this pagued the whole line in the late 70s. the earlier stuff that saul was a bigger part of was very nice and much more reliable.
Been a very busy week- new furnace & water heater as well as everything else! I wish spending that money was as much fun as this stuff, lol

Welllllll - if you had told us earlier about the new furnace we could have suggested that you consider building one of the Pass class A amps. Thus you could have kept the house toasty - and build a nice amp at the same time!!!!

Hey - we're here to help!!!! (That's what the kids from accounting used to tell us when they came into the production area). :rolleyes: