Hello from Melbourne Australia

Hi all,

Another DIY audio member from Melbourne, Australia it would seem. I look to be in good company.

I've been building speakers since I was about 15 (now nearly 40) and have had about a 12 year hiatus from the hobby, after building a nice set of two-way monitors. They used a 6.5" Peerless mid-woofer and a 1" fabric dome from North Creek Music Systems (some of you may recall the "PeeCreek"). I was pleased with them and they've been working well ever since.

Today the price and selection of components seems to have improved, though it's still tricky to source things locally here in Australia. It's good to see there are still sources though and I've had some very good dealings with Wes Components recently.

I'd originally intended on building some smaller satellites and ordered all the parts for the "Dayton Budget Project" many years ago. I had all the parts ready and they sat in a box until recently, when they were rediscovered and my shelved hobby came back into focus.

I've got a lot of reading to do but looks like there's an impressive support base for lots of great tools and techniques out there for me to utilise.