Hello From Luxembourg

Dear DIYAudio Community,

Good evening from Luxembourg! (Actually, I live in France but work in Lux and spend a fair amount of time there, so I thought this would be a more original introduction than another "hello from France")!

I just joined the forum, though I was reading through it now and then (without contributing til now - blame on me!).

I'd like to take this opportunity to quickly introduce myself. My name is Denis, born 1983, and I am both French and German citizen both both cultural backgrounds. I've also spend a couple years in Canada a while ago.

I'm fond of a lot of things, mostly (but not only) science and tech stuff. Professionally, I am a Network and Security Engineer, but I have lots of passions, ranging from sports (doing, not watching!) to restoring cars, DIY electronics and of course music! I am also a working musician (semi-pro, as I don't do it for money). Drums primarily, but I also play bass and a bit of guitar and piano. But there's a lot of room to improve yet! Anyway, music has always been a very important part of my life.

I am an audiophile since I was a kid, spending my allowances on MKP caps and MOX resistors to enhance my X-overs or build new speakers instead of wasting my money on sweets and my time on videogames.
To clear things up right away:
1) yes, I still had lots of friends, maybe because I helped them fixing their broken bikes and playstations!
2) yes, I was also popular with girls, maybe because my Barry White and Simon&Garfunkel LP's sounded better on my quality HiFi than on their crappy cheapo plastic players! (and well, drummers rule!)

I prefer fixing stuff than buying something new, and when I can make it myself, it's even better. It gives me a sense of satisfaction money can't buy, and I sleep better at night, knowing that I'm not getting ripped off by a company who just wants make profit. I strongly disagree with consumerism, and prefer investing in quality, repairable products that I enjoy day after day, and year after year.

I'm always open to discussions and exchanging ideas as long as there's no violence involved (physical or verbal). I believe that this is how we widen our knowledge and intelligences (classic and emotional ones).

I wanted to keep it short, but this ship has sailed, so let's wrap it up.

A big thanks to the DIYAudio maintainers and contributors who make this possible, I've been reading now and then in the forum, but never contributed yet (I know - shame on me...). I am still a complete noob in terms of electronics, and I have to send out a big thanks to the whole community here, and Nelson P. and Wayne C. in particular, whose articles have helped me understanding a lot of things in the domain of audio circuitry!

...and don't forget: "Music brings the people together"