Hello from London!

Hey guys!

We have a total audio DIY n00b here (well, apart from the odd cable solder and drum kit midi midi trigger constructions)

I've been producing music for around 15 years, produced for other people (dj's andf record lables and stuff) and my own bands here and there, since i was about 14-15. Now i'm wanting to get into making my own bits here and there.

I thought i'd start off with a spring reverb, as none of the plugins really have that properly authentic twang and unexpectedness that we all love (or hate) from a real spring.

I've looked up a few tutorials, seems quite easy, i've made most of it now, just need something decent to house it in and see if its gonna work! One thing though, the speaker i'm using as a transducer... not sure if it's any good, or useful, i cut the cone out of it, and i can barely hear anything at all. A kick drum thats coming out of my DAW at 0dBfs is barel audible on the thing, is this normal? Will the spring and piezo mic at the other end really pick that up!? Havent seem to have got it right yet!
Are you kidding? The last time I've seen anything like what you are describing here was a trunk mounted reverb that worked off of an AM radio in my '66 T-Bird. Are we talking the same kind of reverb? I think (if I remember correctly) mine was wired through the speaker wires directly, With a volume control on the center console, and then to the rear speaker. I'd like to see more on that. keep us posted.