Hello from Germany

my name is Ralf and i am 29 Years old and live in Landsberg / near Munich Germany. Some time ago i stumbled over DIYaudio.com and
couldn´t stop reading your fascinating discussions since then. It´s really highly addictive!

DIY started for me 4 years ago with my Intertechnik EX4 seakers which became irreplacable since i connected them to the UCD180 Modules i´ve read much about here.

- What a clear and effortless sound - :D

I work as an electronics engineer in a small company nearby. We develop and produce numerous electronic systems in small quantities (3-5000), mostly remote control systems for the building industry. Due to my work i have acquired SMD-soldering and rework know-how (>0,2mm pitch), as well as an ESA-certificate for regular soldering.

If you need some soldering tips, feel free to ask me.

Because i´m DJing since 10 years, i found that it´s time to replace my mixer with something noone can buy. I target on the Alep P with the suiting headphone amp integrated in my own mixer as my new project, with some NimH battery supply and automatic charging.

This will take some time, cause i´m finally going to Australia for 6 weeks this summer, but right now

i´m looking forward to construct and develop with you all.