Hello from Germany,

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I am Helmut, working as sound engineer on a German radio station.
Since some years I am build up a wave field synthesis based procedure, to restore the genuine soundfield in all room dimensions physically.
The patented procedure is described on my website in my bad english. Unfortunetally we old east germans has only education in russian, that would increasing the problems possibly.

Regards Helmut
Hello Cal,
thanks for your welcome.

Unfortunately I am by the opinion, little speakers are better as big ones.:hot:

..but you need a huge amount. Mounted in a smooth plane, tightly spaced. Then you can shift the air by the same efficiency as with the biggest speaker.

On the other hand you can steer differentiated those speakers for increasing frequencies, if you give each of them a own amplifier. On help of DSP´s you can send the wavefronts in desired directions now. And that provides the possibility to reconstruct the spatial structure of the recording room soundfield.
See that Animation, 100 sec. :

http://www.syntheticwave.de/sound field transformation.htm

But I would agree, you must shift the air in order to generate sound. In that matter you must have a sufficient membran size of course.:angel:
Welcome to the fun syntheticwave. You should find no shortage of things to keep you busy for the rest of your life here. I've only been a member since December and I already have too many ideas from this place.

I like BIG speakers also, however my listening space precludes my speakers getting much larger that the Vandersteen 2c's I have now. Cal if you like BIG speakers, I would recommend the Kleinhorns on passdiy.com. I think they would fit the bill. :D
Hi John,

many thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately I have not the possibility to building up the idea practically, i am only a petty sound engeneer, working by a radio station. You have seen the approach is very expensive, a first realisation would need some hundert thousends of dollars. That is far beyond my capabilities.
I am searching for a partner some years, but hardly anyone was reading the www.syntheticwave.de site so intensively like you. I own a patent for the procedure approach and hopefully the time for realisation is coming soon. I am sure, no other way is able to building up a virtually copy of the genuine soundfield.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.