Hello from Florida!

Hey diyaudio!

I'm a new user from Florida. I am a student at the University of Florida studying engineering. I love music and audio and I love creating things, so I figured this would be a great thing to try out.

I would love some pointers for my first build -- I know , but I'm not sure which forum to post in. I need advice on most aspects of the speaker (what type of speakers to use, which amplifiers, enclosure specifications, etc.) but it seems that the forums are more specific than this. Is there a place I can post a general advice thread?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
You have to be very specific !
Specify: your attitudes, how long a "jingle" remains in your head; can you correlate acoustic power to amplifier's power ( watts ) ? Do you think that listening fatigue exists or it's just the bad equipment to blame ? Do you move around the house or do you prefer to stay fixed in centre of the sofa...
This one correlates with the treble down-tilting FR graph, either...

Thanks for the response pico!

To expand on the things you brought up: I've always been a stickler for audio quality, I'd rather have no music playing than music playing through poor quality speakers. I played both saxophone (two years) and drums (three years) so melodies stay in my head for quite some time. I'm not at the point where I can correlate acoustic power to amplifier power, but I'm sure I can learn quickly as I have a solid understanding of simple circuitry and an even better understanding of general physics. I've never heard of listener's fatigue but if it means what it sounds like, I've never experienced it. I'd always rather be moving around than sitting!

For my project, I am trying to make a portable speaker with bluetooth and AUX capabilities that is batter powered and rechargeable. I've done the basic research and could probably put something that is just okay together, but I'm aiming for something better than just okay. My main confusion deals with crossovers and enclosure sizing.