Hello from Florida


2007-12-22 12:08 pm
I am new to the forum. I bought a pair of Tekton design full range speakers earlier this year and liked the sound. Later I got an old Zenith SE amp that used to be in a console. Recently, I bought some RS 40-1197 speakers (purple boxes), and I am looking to build something to hold them. I am looking for suggestions. I was thinking that Open Baffle would be fun and easy, but I don't see a lot of open baffle information for this driver. Maybe it is just not a good match.

I built the SOHA hybrid headphone amp in September, and may build another one tomorrow. I used a black cigar box for the first one, and have an idea to use a bamboo tea box for the next one.

Been also thinking about the bottlehead amps.

Looks like this forum will provide a wealth of information, and Lord knows, I need the help.

Welcome to the Forum...

rockrink said:
I bought some RS 40-1197 speakers (purple boxes),

Purple box -- from Canada then. These would do OK on the MJK passive baffle with the Eminence bass support. You'll find they aren't suited for OB without something to help the bottom.

Many, many of these were used in a variety of designs... you'll probably find more info in the Full Range Forum archives.