Hello from Detroit

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How is everyone? I would like to say hello and a few things about myself.

I enjoy discrete disigns and even though I am not very good at them I like the challenge. I am also a big fan of the JFET and sometimes thimk I am a masocist due to the "fuzzy" nature of the JFET specifications.

I get a kick out of psychoacoustics and things like delay and phase shift and anything that gives sound a 3D "feel?".

I also spend a good bit of time in spice3f5 running under Linux. If my math was better I suppose I could get some better graphs.

I have spent some years as a reverse engineer for a repair company. Basically I would generate schematic diagrams from a PWB.

Anyhow, I look forward to meeting many if not all of you here in the future.
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Hey Wing-Nut

I guess it took a local to get me to introduce myself. I to am a Detroit'er and a Wing-Nut. I've posted a few already, but I tend to be a lurker until something grabs my passion.

This is by far the best of the DIY forums out there, at least of those I've seen so far. I spent some time in some of the speaker forums (Madisound, the Asylum, couple others), but none are as open minded and helpful as this one. My complements to all who contribute here.

I've been most consistant in the audio arts in the loudspeaker area having put together a few speakers using mostly JBL components. It's the horns that do it for me.

I run horns from 1200Hz up in a tri-amp arrangement, and the search for the top end amp is a never ending quest. I've got Brystons for the TAD subs and twin JBL 10A's in the mid-bass, but I've tried a lot of different amps for the horns. Don't get me wrong, they sound great, I just love to play.

I had most of the parts together for an A40 I was going to build for the horns 15 years ago, but my situation got the best of that endeavor. As an EE I'm no stranger to electronics, but to DIY your own amp requires a level of passion that wasn't quite there for me yet.

Recently I hooked up with a guy out of Indy thru the Asylum and visited him on a business trip to hear his monster system (4 - JBL 2235, 15" woofers per side for the subs!). He had a Pass Aleph3 on the side unused, and was running his horns with a SET 300B. From that moment on, all I could think about is how my horns would sound on the Aleph3.

And that how I got here. I can feel the passion stirring to build an AlephX. I thought I'd have it done by the summer, but that doesn't look too promising at the moment. But that's ok because it's like Michigan weather, "wait a minute, things change".

I also have a turntable with more then 400 records, but that's another story.

'nough for now.

Rodd Yamashita
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