Hello from Cream City USA

New member here -

Have ALWAYS enjoyed good music and elegantly simple designs.

Ran across this site while researching some of the fine designs of Mr. Pass (none of the dealers around here stocked / sold Threshold or Pass Labs, stuff) and wanted to find out what all of the "buzz" was about.

More recently seeking information needed to restore a classic piece of Threshold gear (FET-9 Preamplifier) that I recently acquired.

Studied Biomedical Engineering (EE Core) back in the 1980s but have actually worked in Low-Voltage Building Systems (Fire Alarm, Security, Communications, some PA / Installed Sound, Parking Gates, Integrated Controls for Detention / Corrections....blah, blah, blah...)

Other interests: Smoking / grilling & a good History / Biography book once in a while.

Haven't really done any "hard-core" circuit design in quite some time, but hope that some lurking here and experimenting will help me to LEARN some good stuff!
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