Hello from Colorado

Figured I should introduce myself.

As you might guess from my login, my name is Mike.

I have been into audio for about 30yrs (since I was 12 or so) and started building speakers soon after that. Of course being young and foolish I really had no clue.

I was away from it for a while while married the first time. I still had a system but couldn't enjoy it. Not good.

In the last few years my interest has returned and I have started tinkering again. I have built a few things from kits and done quite a few mods but am just now trying to build something from scratch.

Unfortunately I am not an EE and don't have enough knowledge to design complex circuits. I know know just enough to be dangerous. :)

Currently in the process of building a pair of tube monoblocks based on Bruce Rozenblit's SC 150 design. I got the first one up and running yesterday and so far am very happy. I am sure building the second one will go much quicker.

It looks like there is much knowledge amongst the members here and I look forward to learning.