Hello from Cambridge, MA USA

Hi, I recently registered after poking around here for a while. I've done a modest amount of DIY, working mostly with vacuum tube instrument amps, speaker enclosures, recording equipment etc., but I have zero experience with building hi-fi equipment.

My most immediate need is to build a modest-size center channel speaker for a surround system and was hoping some forum veterans could point me to a recommended/popular design or two.

Thanks, and great site!

Hi Chris - and Welcome to diyAudio!!! :D:D:D

It is important to match the center channel speaker with your mains - and thus it would help us to help you if we had an idea of what speakers you are currently using - or if you intend to change over in the near future.

I like full range speakers for the CC and I think that P10 might have some designs for the Mark Audio line of drivers. :cool: