Hello from another Tripath Class-T enthusiast!

Just found the thread on Tripath Class-T audio amplifier products here and thought I'd register and join the fun. I have had a link to this site (www.diyaudio.com) for several months.

My interest in audio started in 1959 while I was a high-school student. My father bought me a used Bell mono push-pull tube amplifer with 6L6 output tubes, a used Garrard record changer, and we built a 3-way bass-reflex speaker system together using Jensen drivers and crossovers. Although I was never compelled to become a true "high-end audiophile," I bought and sold many audio components in the years since, including Fisher, Dynaco, Eico, Grommes, Adcom, ESS Heil, Carver, ADS, JBL, NHT, McIntosh, ASL, Apogee, Teac, Klipsch, Yamaha, Audio Refinement, Cal Audio Labs, Parasound, Belles, Bryston, Tektron, Supratek, and others.

I recently moved from a nice-sized house to a fairly small apartment, and have downsized - I cannot play my classical, jazz and folk/world music very loud any more. I am using my Teac L700P Class-T amp to drive my Apogee Centaurus Ribbon Monitors for the near future.

I invested in Tripath in my IRA several years ago, and have watched the stock price go seriously up and down. I was not an owner of any Class-T audio gear at the time when I bought the stock, because thay had a limited product line and I was into tubes. I saw Tripath's consumer-product potential, and thought it was good. During the past year, because of my interest in conservation, and my awareness of the coming problems related to peak oil, I began to look with more interest at Class-T audio for myself - especially since the sound was so good, and more and more low-cost, high fidelity products were becoming available. I bought the Sonic Impact and Teac A-L700P amp last year, and was amazed at how good they were, considering that they were inexpensive consumer products. (I plan to have Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio upgrade, modify, convert the Teac to battery power.) I am awaiting delivery of a Teac DR-L700 "Digital Receiver" that has AM/FM, DVD/CD/MP3/etc playback and 2x30 watt Class-T amplification. It is the unit for which the A-L700P is the comapnion 3-channel surround amp.

I also put up a website this year to explore Class-T amplification, and list all of the Class-T products I could identify. It is a private, non-commercial site - I just did if for fun to watch the growth of the implementation of super energy efficient, cost-effective Class-T amplifiers. Great sound & less energy consumed - something I really believe in. Note that I have a page with links for DIY-related Class-T audio.

Harrier's TripathPower Website

I'll be updating the site over the next few weeks. I hope people here will e-mail me if you have new DIY related Class-T audio information, and I will add it to the site. I will follow the adventures of the Class-T modders here.