Hello from a blustery London

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are well. Total newbie here who's looking to upgrade / make my own bits and pieces as a hobby. I've bought and sold hi-fi since I was 16 or so - half my lifetime! - and am now at a place where I'm mostly happy with my mainly Audio Note main system.

I'd love to get in to fixing and building amps as a side thing, so here I am. Got myself a couple of books about the basics, and am watching a few vids here and there to get a feel for the work that needs to be done.

I think my first port of call would be a build-your-own amp that you see about, just to see if I have the patience if anything. I'd avoid something like Audio Note Kits (crazy money), and maybe stick to something like a bottlehead crack. Feel free to suggest something similar for cheaper, tho... 😉

One worry I do have is the safety aspect, so if anyone were to have any really good tips on that, I would be very much indebted.

See you around