Hello everyone!


2020-02-17 3:26 pm

Just wanted to say hello! I've been googling about audio diy projects for a while now and this website came up quite a few times, so I thought it would be nice to join the community to discuss projects and share progress :)

I'm a software engineer by day, living in London now, but originally from Spain. I studied telecom engineering back in Spain but ended up working more closely to computers and programming than signals and electronics.

Recently I've found interest in electronics again, specially in analog circuits for audio synth. It's fun to go back to stuff you can build with your hands!

Right now I'm basically trying to remember theory from university and trying to understand how simple circuits work, but my goal would be to build some kind of synth. I'm looking right now into opamps and was considering building a low-pass filter or something similar.

Nice to meet you!