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2013-04-17 4:15 pm
Amazing site! Lots of info. Joined a couple of days ago. Have been looking around for a couple of days. Lots of smart people and great info on here. Stumbled on here by accident. I wish I had known about this place 10 years ago when I started my 10 year project to build the perfect speaker backpack. I started with Osiris G-Bag. Backpack was poorly designed and constructed, fairly loud but not very clean sound. The straps tore off after about a year. I moved on to a Savier sound bag which used a low power amp with shitty flat speakers. I replaced the amp with the first sonic impact tclass amp and some full range pioneer speakers. Not much power but the sound was very clean. I have been updating speakers, amps and power sources, and even the backpack to what I have been using for the past year. I now have a powerful clean and very versatile speaker backpack that I take skiing, to the beach, on vacations, to parks camping you name it.

My DYI Speaker Backpack. If you watch long enough you will get to hear how it sounds with different types of music.

In the Wild at Copper Mountain Colorado
Perfect Spring Day at Copper Mountain April 2013 - YouTube

Where would be the best place to put a new thread with this DYI Speaker Backpack Build ?

Thanks to all for a great site !
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