Hello DIY'ler from Germany

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Hi All,

so it seems introducing himself is mandatory, I'll do so as well :)

Ok, my name in real life is Ingo, living in the western west of Germany (sometimes also called the eastern-Netherlands), earning my money with a strange mixture off working as Toolmaker, with Stats and against Customer-complaints.

The culprit to get me in this Hobby is my father, donating me his old Kosmos and Philips experimental-Kits starting at the age of 5. Not him, me ... Unfortunately I'm a lazy bone, just doing what is necessary, so I never got into the deepest secrets of electronics :rolleyes:. Lucky me electronic parts aren't that expensive any more and easy to get; and smoked meat lasts even longer. Ok, what I want to say is, that I mostly do it by "Try&Error", sometimes working astoundingly well.

Depending Audio (I'm Private- and RC-Pilot in the sunny time of the year) I came frome Goodman's R80 (still working) and a Philips CD-101 (Daddys old machines for sure), several stuff of Sony, Parasound, Krell, Naim, ML and other well-known Names, builded dozends of LS (lucky to have a MLSSA-System combined with a trained sense of hearing), compared miles of cables, tried to mod allmost every machine with sometimes getting the result mentioned above (Sony CDP-779 ES starts smoking really heimish when mixing up the voltage regulators), for finally switching over to real DIY-Components. First Kits from Steinmusic (SteinMusic - Ihr Audio Spezialist), now more and more DIMW (Do it my way ;)).

Finally, what brought me to DIY-Audio? After 14 years of continous work my CD-Players (Grundig CD-3 based, completely rebuilt) Display went to the dark side of the force, so I had to change it. What to do in between? "Get this old Philips CD-614 plugged". Listened, wondered, plugged an even older CD-460 and be astonished: This old ugly plastic-machines doesn't sound that bad?! Changed some C's, Diodes, Cables - being more astonished. This modded ugly plastic-machines are making music! Finally buyed a CD-204 with CDM-1, planning to test a Non-OS conversion, searched via Google - and here am I :cool:, listening to Nora Jones, rotating in the original CD-204. Ok, not Nora, just the CD ...

My components:


  • DIY-Loudspeakers, 2 1/2 way, AMT for highrange, Eton 8-550-25 Hex mod. Midrange, active Audax HM-210 X0 mod lowrange
  • CD-Player completely rebuilt Grundig CD-3 based
  • Pre-Amp based on Steinmusic "Modularer Vorverstärker", JAN-6922, SRPP
  • Several stuff with ECC 81, ECH 81 a.s.o. Tubes only and forever!
  • Power-Amp based on Steinmusic "Mini-Hyb", JAN-6922 and IRF-9540/540
  • Several stuff with EL 34, EL 84 a.s.o.
  • Cables self-made, XLR, Steinmusic, cheap Voodoo ;)
  • A bunch of elder Players, Amps etc.
  • Since yesterday: Philips CD-204 die-cast (Foretime strikes back!), blowing that awfull pling-plong-plastic-CDM12-pretty-shi**y-stuff to - ahm, sorry for degressing :eek:


  • Harman-Kardon AR-5550 mod with external Amps
  • Main-Speakers as above
  • Center DIY with Görlich 130 and Eton 25SD
  • Rear DIY with Morel MW-166 and Audax TW 034
  • Panasonic DVD/HDD-Recorder (with, that's true, no modification at all)
  • LG DVD-Player (omnivore)
  • Still unbelieveable good JVC "Tube"-TV, going to be changed to a Flat next year
  • Cables? Yes, I think so, not even sure ...

Going to post a few pictures if someone ist interested :eek:. That's all from me for today. I will mostly read here only, due to being afraid of writing electronic nonsense - just trying to learn from the Experts before ...

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