Hello! Audiophile from Delray Beach, Sao Paulo, and Florianopolis.

Hi there everyone!

I am an audiophile from waaaaay back. Started at HiFi Associates in South Florida and later owned a factory authorized service center in Sunrise, Florida until 1990.

Designing and building my own speakers is my number one passion in electronics, but I have also designed and built amps. My speakers are much better! My last pair was a pair of what might be called LS3/LS5 mini monitors using new old stock KEF T-27s and B110s. They came out fine. I added a special type of port that fires to the rear and it has greatly improved the character of the sound.

Foreigners do not fair well in Brazil unless they are tourists! There are 24 million people in the greater Sao Paulo area and I meet a maximum of 1 person a month that actually speaks a language other than Portuguese! Having lived in other countries I have found this to be shocking.

So... if you feel like contacting me my email is [email protected]. I also carry a modem with me that has a US telephone number associated with it.

Best Wishes,