Hello All


Musician (timpani, percussion, drumset), recording engineer (owner, Recording Jones <www.recordingjones.com>, diy electronics enthusiast. Champaign, IL, USA. Look forward to learning/chatting!


Recently completed DIY/kit projects:
-Hamptone HVTP2 (Tube mic pre)
-Jenco vibraphone overhaul <http://jeffzahos.wordpress.com/vibraphone/>
-1960's Krone & Hite tube variable filter refurb
-"Tape Op Omni" mics
-Paia ring modulator
-Realistic PZM mods (transformer removal, output circuit kit)

Current/on hold:
-Bogen CHB 100 P.A. to Guitar Head conversion
-Refurb'ed Bruel & Kjaer tube mic pre (on hold). This is an interesting one - will post re:
-Micromoog refurb

-Allison Labs continuously variable filter set refurb

Interesting in doing someday:
-Gyraf G9, and others
-7th Circle pres
-Hamptone solid state
-Bass cab > kick drum mic conversion
-PSU/rackmount pair of Yamaha PM-1000 channel strips