Hello all! new to this, CT USA


2016-03-04 1:45 pm
Hello all,

Here is my life story in audio for those interested in providing assistance and audio therapy to those in need!

My name is Ryan and I have an addiction to audio and audiophile equipment. I started at a young age doing car audio, building a very reputable "system" in my vehicle with a false floor, and higher end car audio equipment. I took a break from hi-fi for about 10 years, then started scavenging the local dump for older hi-fi equipment. I have done quite well with that. It is really amazing what some people throw away. In the pursuit of all things "fidelity" I have also met a bunch of local 'philes, I own a hardware store so I get to meet lots of interesting people. I can sometimes spot audionutz based on certain things they purchase, whether it is wood refurbishing products for old speaker cabinets or little screws and plastic feet, to thin o-rings to replace old drive belts on transports. I have a knack for seeing those odds and ends with a means to an audio-end. I find this hobby/addiction to be a lot of fun and I have a nice cave in my basement so my wife and kids do not need to know the extent of my disease.
Very recently I have been transitioning my interest into DIY, I have done some very simple things like make my own speaker cables.... CAT5 braids (chris venhaus recipe) which my fingers are still recovering from. Also took some old Monster m1000 sub cabling and made some nice interconnects with cardas terminations. I have also practiced some basic soldering, that I sorta remember from high school electronics class. That was 18 years ago!!!! AHHH, sorry... let me get back on track. So as I get deeper into the rabbit hole of DIY audio I have investigated what direction I want to go in. I acquired some Omega Audio full range drivers (2 pair) of MQ5LB. My plan is to build some Frugalhorns or an equivalent and drive those with something DIY. I have some idea or where I want to go but have yet to make a decision. I was hoping that someone on this site with the vast knowledge of DIY may help me go in one direction or another. At first I was looking at chipamps from China like Yuan Jing brand TPA green board and a little 3 tube pre or something like that. I know there is a bit of following on this little amp and 3 tube pre combo. Then I looked at Fleawatt and thought maybe about buying a pre assembled to see if I have interest in chips. Next I was thinking something from the Glassware website, and build out my own little tube based something. Then I transitioned over to Twisted Pear. But a lot of what I see on these pages is way above and beyond my skill set, so I have stayed away, slightly intimidated. Then I check out Transcendent Audio and see some of their stuff and it looks pretty reputable. Maybe I could build a Grounded grid and a Evermore. The next day I move on to Decware website and check out some of his kits and get excited about a basic price point and simple build out list.... then check out the Pass labs Amp Camp.... you all may get where I am going with this, I am pretty lost and my ADHD is getting me more lost.
A bit about my audio preferences: I enjoy all music but am currently enamored by jazz, vocalists, acoustic performances live or studio, some very basic classical, classic rock but not too gritty, a little prog rock (dire straits type) bluegrass Grisman style, and some psychedelic rock Dead-like.
My current setup is a Micro Seiki DD-40 turntable, a California Audio labs Ikon MKII cd player, a Luxman L80-v, and I outboard the phono stage with an Adcom GFP-565. The speakers are a mix between ADS L1290s and my open simple baffle Omega MQ5LB with a Boston acoustics subwoofer for the lows. My plan for my DIY projects revolves more around the Omega drivers then the ADS speakers. Even with my basic experimentation the Omega's have been great!
I guess where I am going with this is, HELLO everyone! Nice to meet you.