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Hefty Tube Power Transformer FS

Doug R

2007-10-10 6:21 pm
I am cleaning up some projects I will not have time for. I bought this transformer from a member of the Joelist about 8-10 years ago. It was labeled as coming from a Holiday amp. That's all I know.

It weighs 9 pounds, and is quite big. In one of the photos, it is next to a red Hammond 272X for comparison. I measure 770V no load. The 6.3V winding is VERY substantial - I measure it to be 15 gauge, so it can fire up plenty of 6.3V filaments. It has a flux shorting strap or whatever it's called.

Resistance values are:
385 to CT = 34.4 ohms
CT to other 385V = 32.7 ohms
120V to 120V = 1.5 ohms
5V to 5V = 0.3 ohms
6.3V to 6.3V = 0.3 ohms

Asking $40 plus shipping. Package will weigh about 11 pounds.


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