This was one ugly heatsink!

Well, it could work depending on how much cooling you need.
This seems to be made for cooling CPUs, and it comes with a fan. When it is running at 12V the thermal resistance is 0,28°C/W, which means that the temperture rise is about 0,28° * 100W = 28°C when dissipating 100W into the heatsink. With an ambient temperature of 25°C the heatsink temperature will be 28°C + 25°C = 53° probably a little higher, though.

But this uses a fan too help cooling the heatsink, which I hate because it's always so noisy. And there seems to be very little space for mounting the power transistors. And don't you think it's very ugly? I do.

I would definity look for another heatsink, a normal one if you are planning to use it with an amp.

Check for example

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