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Heatsinks plus other parts for class A.


2009-02-05 12:32 pm
Hi everyone, I have collected some parts to build a Krell KSA100 clone, this project is now not going to happen, so if anyone is interested please PM me.
I have:
Two heatsink tunnels ( look very much identical to original Krell type, but taller )
Two brand new Papst 240V fans to suit heatsinks
Two Signal Transformer 80-25 transformers ( not new, but work fine )
Metal case, internal size: 425mm wide x 440mm deep x 170 high.
Also a selection of Mallory and Sprague capacitors ( similar to those Krell used ) These are not new.
10 Off 26,000 75V Mallory
5 Off 37,000 75V Mallory
6 Off 37,000 75V Sprague
I am open to offers, please PM me . Pictures below.


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