Heatsinks on Ebay.

Hi all,

About once or twice a week I go through my collection of Ebay search bookmarks and window shop. I noticed today that there are some good looking heatsinks for sale at a good price. I thought that someone might be interested. The search link is below. Just to clarify. I'm not the seller on any of these or any other auctions. Just passing along some info. Have a good one.

Coulomb said:
Just serach for Extrusion or Aluminum Extrusion or Heat sink Extrusion. I have purchased much of the available material off of eBay as of late.


So YOU'RE the one who kept outbidding all my auctions! :mad: Ahh well. Finally broke down and bought a case of aluminum CPU heatsinks to bolt to a 1/4" thick aluminum plate. it'll at least look different. :)


Willing to sell leftovers?

Perhaps after your done if u have any leftover i could buy some off you (I had a similar idea about using the aluminum side of a case and cover the outside with the sinks and bolt the chips to the inside and use Lots of thermal grease)
that's what I'll be using on mine, but a little different implementation.

The link I posted above, I'm going to use about 40 of those little guys all the way down each side of the amp, bolted to another thicker sheet of aluminum underneath.. I'll have about 12 output transistors on each side, so will be dissipating quite a bit of heat. I'm hoping I won't have to mess with any fans, but if I have to, I have to.
The heatsinks on ebay at the link below are not particularly expensive at all. 3 of the is 14.875 inches, 6 of them make two sides to a case fro an Aelph 2. If you buy them in bulk you can get them for $12 each that's $30 per foot. Extrusion from Aavid or Wakefield is 3 times as much.